Ankle Pain after gigs


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...would you mind sending just a rear shot of your kit with you sitting in it? I just would like to check for hardware positioning...and also a photo closing in on the leg (right or left) using the bass drum pedal.

also...have you brought this up with drummers you know in your area? I couldn't really say anything (because assumption is not good when you don't see/hear all the details) unless I see you play (and maybe try to figure out what's causing your pain)

btw... Are you doing ample stretching before your gigs? you can also ask your mentor and he/she can figure out why your having this pain.

littledrummergurl_3":2wgcguw5 said:
Playing bass with right foot then ankle in pain after gigs :?


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its a technique issue. to simplfy things basically your playing with your foot incorrectly. without being able to see how you're playing its hard to say what you need to do, I'd switch up between heel up and heel down more when you are playing and see if that helps but the best thing you can do is ask a knowledgable teacher in your area to examine how you are playing have them tell you why you're causing pain to yourself. Pain isn't normal and playing through it night after night isn't being tough, its a sure way to shorten the amount of years you play the drums.