[Animal] - Yamaha


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This is me, about 22 years ago, with my first "proper" set. (Just imagine what my former kit looked like! :shock: )

It's Yamaha 6000's Concert Toms:
6", 8", 10", 12", 13", 14", 15"and 16"

Tama Royal Star bass drum, and 12" plus 13" toms and 16" floor tom.
Bassdrum number two was also a Royal Star, but due to breakage of skin (probably :wink: ), I think the one on the picture is a Lefima 20" bassdrum.
(Check out the wardrobe inside the bassdrums! I wonder what I was thinking :lol: )

To my defence, I must add that I spray-painted all the drums white
after a while.

This is my first successful (?) upload on the internet, by the way! :D

And this is me a couple of years ago, with my beloved Yamaha RC 9000's!
I will post a better and more detailed picture of my Yamaha RC 9000 set later! 8)