[anavrinIV] - Tama


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im new here...just registered last night. ive posted some pics of my snare but now i guess its time for some full body shots so here goes....

some full frontal action...

honest to god, the best shot ive ever gotten of these babies


for the specs:

vintage blue tama swingstars
16x22 bass, 10x12, 11x13, 16x16 toms
6x14 vented piano black spaun

10" aax splash
12" wuhan china
14" zbt hihats
14" aaxplosion crash
18" aaxplosion crash
18" sig full crash
18" zbt china
21" hh raw bell dry ride

tama iron cobra powerglide double pedal
roc-n-soc nitro throne
tama roadpro stands
pacific stand, dont know the series, it was free
tama swingstar dx stands (1 cymbal, hihat, snare)
3 gibraltar grabber arms

evans heads
custom cut hole in front bass head
promark and vic firth sticks
zildjian stick and cymbal bag
skb hardshell snare case

guess thats about it.


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I have a swingstar... exact same color and specs! o_O weirddddd Though my set up isn't as nice in many fashions... your cymbals blow mine away.