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Looks interesting but all I can say you have some new tom heads:p Please, post full specs! And welcome to the forums!


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it is a Mapex Kit

i have three 8" toms
2 - 22" x 16" bass drums
13" x 11", 12" x 10", and 10" x 8" toms
16" x 16" floor tom
14" x 5-1/2" wood snare

the cymbals are all Zildjian and Wuhan

the Wuhans are

10" splash
16" and 18" chinas

the Zildjians are

14", two 16", and an 18" crashes

22" ride

14" high hats


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well see the 8" toms have different depths to them

if you can see in this picture

so i just tuned them high to low pitch

and the series of cymbals i am not to sure of because they were my fathers (who is also a drummer =] ) and the label on what they are is worn off... but once i find out i will let you know



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From the looks of those old Zildjians, and if they were your dad's, then I'd say you have a nice old set of Zildjian A's. Hang on to them, they'll just continue to sound better and better! Great kit!