Amazing Street Drum Solo


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he is good def...just brute power, or are those doubles for the fast stuff?

nice stuff...seen it a million times though


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wow..i wanna buy that guy a real drumset but i dont have the money..if i get rich im gonna buy drumsets for poor people that rule at drums


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Man, this site is freaking awesome! All you guys are really nice guys who know what you are talking about, and you don't talk crap about talented people. You need to check out a band called Refuje, (they may not be your style), I am in that band. I am not the drummer, our drummer's name is Jonathan Garrett and he shares this username oon this site with me. To check out Refuje: go to or He is a very talented drummer, he is a little fill-happy, but he is good, so check us out and tell us what you think about the drumming. The reason I am talking about him, is because he kinda reminds me of this guy. Well, I hope to here from you. I loved the video, that guy is great! :D