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WHat I like about TAYE are the first 2 letters... LOL.

I`m into TAMA! I have been since I bought my first kit in 1986!
:lol: :roll: Yeah, yeah, yeah, TAMA. Been there, done that, Their Superstar series is pretty nice. What can you say about Starclassics!?!? Tama is a bit too "cookie cutter" for me. I'm looking a bit outside of the norm. ie; Pearl, (even though I own a set of BRX masters studio) Ludwig, Tama etc. I am in NO way dissing Tama. They make a fine product! I'm looking for something a bit different for this purchase. Taye seems to fit the bill. I'm currently looking at a Taye Tour pro birch 5pc. Almost ready to buy. This kit buries anything else out there in the $1000 to $1200 range in my opinion!


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Hey Yeah Taye drums rock, I have owned a tourpro kit for the last 4 years birch basswood combination, and last year just picked up a studio maple...the difference hear is (other then the wood) is the fact that Ray Ayotte had wanted the tourpro kit to be a more rounder fuller sound, much like old gretsch or retro drums...sooooo if you take a close look the bearing edge is rounded on the tour pro's where they are sharp on the studio maples! voila!!


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I just recently got a Taye TourPro kit, and I am in love with them! Seriously, these are the best sounding drums I have ever played, and I have played all of the big brands... check out the show us your kit forum to see my kit...


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i have a taye rockpro, its pretty sweet. i really like all the taye drums, but thier hardware tends to be pretty cheap. like my rack tom tand is bending, but other than that, great sound, great price.

P.S. - rockpro and pro x are the same, only difference is the wrap.


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If they turn out to be as good a drum as the Ayotte's were then they must be amazing. Never played a set but have heard many. From what I could tell they sounded great. I have a set of Ayotte drumsmiths and if i'm assuming correctly that the same guy makes Taye then they're pretty good.

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I had the chance to sit down and play a kit of tour x and i was impressed they are very very solid built and for the money i am thinking hard to beat..