Alesis DM4 or DM5?


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i posted on craigslist that i was looking for one.

the guy with the 4 wants 100 bux.

the guy with the 5 hasnt gotten back to me on a price yet.

any suggestions on which one i should go with? my buddy told me to go with the 5 cuz 100 is too much to pay for a used DM4 and the 5 has more features. what do you guys think?


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its acctually a d4 and a dm5 and the d4 is really good and 100 bux is an awsome price on it. Ive got a d4 and 5 ddrum redshot triggers Im selling for 310 shipped.


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As a drummer who has used just about everything out there, the D4 has more usable sounds on it but the DM5 sounds are a higher smaple rate. Personally, I don't ever buy stuff like this used because you just don't know what has been done to it. I would buy only if there is a money back guarantee on the table. My opinion is that the DM5 is available brand new and you won't have to deal with a unit that has been abused or something spilled on it.