Ajax, Zyn, Zyn 5 star

Andy Jessop

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:D These cymbals were the 50s ,60s Don and can't be forgotten. British made when we had a drum manufacturer that was't from the Far East......
Normally drilled with rivets they became great effect cymbals. Yes some were like hitting gongs but just now and again you came across one in an old kit or ya mate had one stuck on top of the water tank in the loft stopping the shit from the lagging going in...and it was like finding an old antique...i would love to research if any major artist recorded with these priceless remnants of our industrial heritage...did Ringo play them at the cavern club...before he had paiste and Zildjians thrown at him and that imortal Ludwig oyster kit.
The Super Zyn was the top line cymbal that Premier offered. They were made of B-20 alloy and manufactured by Italians who were former WWII P.O.W.'s. These were closely comparable to the Zildjians of the period. Those made in the early 1950's were hand hammered.

The Zyns are made from nickel-silver alloy and are roughly comparable to Paiste made Ludwig/Standard cymbals of that era. Later they came in several quality grades. One star up to 4 stars were stamped under the trademark. Also later on the Super Zyn trademark was given 5 stars under the name and the rest is History....