ahead snare drums


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i was at my local music store and, while i pretty much hate having to buy things there, i was looking around and saw a snare drum with an ahead badge on it. i was a little intrigued and checked it out...its a solid brass shells with some really nice tube lugs (not the standard ones...theyre fatter and tapered some), s hoops, and a 24 strand, 3 pc strainer. i hit it and it sounded pretty good even out of tune. the real shocker for me was the price...i was expecting a tag of around 500-600 but it was only 320! i went home to do some research and have found nothing but rave review for it, some guys even saying that it was the best sounding snare at the last namm show. anyone else ever play one of these and what is your opinion on it? i really liked it and may have to add to my snare collection in the future.