Ahead Drumsticks...


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I have been useing ahead for about 6 months, And I thought they were awsome. I have the Joey Jordison and the lars Ulrich sticks. But today I just picked up my promarks for some reason, and they feel soooo much lighter and easier to move. Should I stick with ahead?


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I prefer the sound of wood tips

I played AHEAD for over a year, and a half year ago I switched to Pro-Mark, and I never switch again, I know for sure

besides AHEAD wil crush your cymbals.

And further, about the feel, its just what you like most


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i love my ahead drumsticks
whats great is you just have to replace the sleeve because the metal will almost never break
i hav had no problems with it and my cymbals


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I do a LOT of backbeat rimshots, and I trashed at least a dozen pair of ahead sticks back when I used them (5 years ago). Three or four sets of sleeves then the metal does eventually fatigue and break. They ended up costing a little more than wood sticks when you figure in the sleeves.

I'm back to Vic Firths... They feel better.


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I love my Lars Ulrichs... Been through 2 pairs of sleeves so far, but the sticks are holding up really well. With some Vater griptape on them they're comfortable as hell.


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For some reason i just don't like the Ahead sticks. Of course that's just my opinion. Love the sound of wood.


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Aheads dont wreck your cymbals. Incorrect cymbal technique wrecks your cymbals. You just have to remember that Aheads are bigger and heavier than normal sticks. A 7A Ahead stick is equivalent to a 5A Pro-Mark or Vic Firth. I hate sawdust and hate breaking sticks. Even if your Ahead stick breaks in the middle of a song, you can still use it til the songs over, which is very nice.

The big bummer about Aheads is that the nylon they use for the tip is really soft and marks your cymbals. They of course can easily be cleaned off with any cleaner, but if you like your cymbals shiny all the time, you wont wanna use Aheads.

I use the Tommy Lee studios because they're 17" long, like his wang... drummers with big penises unite!

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My biggest problem with Ahead drumsticks was sidesticking. You really lose your side stick sound... and that is just a deal breaker for me.

Not to mention the ugly sound on shoulder strokes on the ride cymbal. Its just ugly compared to wood.

I play mostly rim shots on my snare, so I broke a lot of Ahead sticks when I was trying them out.

I keep a set in the bag just because of how light they feel. If I'm playing a song going around the kit with chops and I feel sluggish I'll grab them. Otherwise I dont use them.

Also, because they're so light, when you go back to regular sticks they feel heavy. I would never recomend practicing with ahead sticks. Even when I was using the Aheads I always still practiced my rudiments etc with 5bs or 2bs.

They are what they are, but they'll never replace wood sticks.


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this is kind of on topic.. I've only ever used joey jordison sig. sticks.. and i didnt really like them atall.. cant help on that fact.. i was jsut wondering if you knew anything about ahead laser sticks?


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Personally I dont feel comfortable with Ahead drumsticks

They feel weird when I play them and my technique is like all screwy when I play them

Thats just me though, I could just be allergic to Ahead drumsticks :D
i own 2 pairs of ahead sticks and 2 pairs of wooden sticks and i like wooden better feel less heavy when playing and easier to grip

only postive about ahead sticks i have had mine for two years and still standing never had to change em

but i play with the first pair i pick up i prefer playing both my 7a ahead and wooden sticks 5a lars 1s i have i'm not tht keen on


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i used them for about a year with a lot of show then i decided to use a pair of travis barker zildian sticks and i think the aheads are very top heavy after switching back to wood the sticks felt lighter and my fill became much faster


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I have a pair of Daniel Adair Pro-mark and have been using them for over 7 months and they are in mint condition. Sure they're a little dented but no chippings or stains on my cymbals. Pro-mark is the way to go. But that's just my opinion :)


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what I use are specificly pro-mark 5b drum sticks ...for me they have the exact balance between them and are light enough and heavy at the same time...I never change them...that's my opinion


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Well personally I use Joey's Sticks and they work for me..practising metal / rock genre then they do given the cymbals n skins a beating, just slap some Vic Firth pads on and away ya go woo hoo!


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I like them for practicing....but I won't use them for gigs anymore

I used them for about 5 months....and because of how much I was playing...I thrashed through the plastic...cover....thing, in about 4 months time

and normally they last alot longer

747 pro marks for the win


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i had aheads for awhile but i dont think they are worth the money. its nice having the sleeves, but to pain to take off and put on are insane. also i dont think it gives you the nice warm sound that you would get from wood sticks. not only that but if you a harder player like myself you end up busting cymbals which are not worht it. i been using promark 757 superrock 5B's and i love them promark has never seem to fail me on any of their product. then again its all on the drummer use whats best for you. its the only way to play at your best.


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Mattayo":4qbd4kqi said:
i was jsut wondering if you knew anything about ahead laser sticks?
They look awesome but really really expensive. it would just be fun to shine them in peoples eyes while your playing. plus, if you break one thats like 160-180 bucks down the drain for a pair of sticks


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I've been using Ahead sticks for the past eleven years and I've never had any problems with breaking them, or my cymbals. I like to use the 5B, or 5A models. I do still buy wood sticks (promark white oak nylon tip 5A, or 5B.) But that's only for one of my bands. I guess it's all in the ear of the beholder.