advice for an underprivileged drummer:(


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okiz.. so the situation i am in rite now is that i cant really buy a drumset cuz my neighbours are too snobby!!! now the only source of real practice for me is like doing drum shadowz(u know play your hands in the air, and tap your feet on the ground).. and well every now and then like 2 times a week i get to sit with the real drum kit in the jamming pads(place where your bands practice their stuff u know)... so what kind of exercise and tactics should i follow to rapidly improve, since i dont get to practice with the real kit everyday?? my target for the time being is to ace death metal, grindcore drummming stuff.. what kind of shadows or nething would you people suggest??? well the best i can do is u know get a good paddle(either an axis or a cobra.. have a cobra already) and do the foot exercises at home.. so wat else do u think would help me improve rapidly?? or do u think i should visit the practice pads with the drums a lil more often.. but thats goin to be a lil tuff for me though.. so guyz suggest plzzz


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Go to or and get yourself a set of practice pads and a cheap pedal. Dw and remo have pad kits for around $90 and pulse has pedals for around $40. Problem solved. Also as a very young drummer (around 5-6) I used pillows. Peace on ya and good luck!