adding to my set

What would you do with the extra equipment?

  • Add it to your set.

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  • Sell it

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  • Keep it somewhere incase if you ever need it again.

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My friend wants to sell his set for 100 bucks. It is a Tama 5 piece with Zildjian cymbals. I think its great that i could get his set and add to mine. But the thing is I don't know what to do with the extra snare, high hat, and chair. I know I can add the the other things and make my pearl set go with his tama...but I just don't know what to do with the extra things.


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Keep It! you never know whats going to happen, one day you might break something and you will beglade you still have it for a back up.


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Yah you can do either! Adding or just keeping as extra! I chose keeping as extra, cuz it can mean both, but yah don't sell it!!!

The Heel

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Never sell anything. You always regret it.

Everytime I sell a drum kit or a cymbal or stand I kick myself in the ass. So I just keep everything anymore.


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keep it, tune them diffrent so you can switch easaly between styles of music / playin

I wish I could buy a 2nd set :roll:


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add it to your set. i love adding stuff to my kit. Every once in a while ill buy something random and add it and its well gd. If you have another snare it would be well could play it without the snare and it would be like another tom.


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I agree... keep the extras. You will always need something down the road.

Get a big kit or second kit going. Eventually you may even want to re-wrap / re-finish them for continuity's sake.


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Well, I rehearse on a different kit than I play on. Now before you all get your panties in a twist, they are very similar, both Yamaha, same size toms, identical cymbal setups. But extra gear means that I can leave road gear in the road cases, and the other gear permanently setup in the rehearsal studio. (who am I kidding, the "rehearsal studio" is my fucking basement!) Anyway, so you can take the extra throne, hats, etc. and keep them set up for rehearsing, and kep your good stuff ready for the road. By the way, not than anyone cares, I had a KILLER gig tonight. My band set another attnedance record for the club we were in!!



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Id love to be able to buy another set for 100 $ you can do so much with it

Its always good to have extra stuff :)


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tune the snare to a higher or lower pitch and put it off to the side. You can do some pretty sweet fills with two snares. The high hat can go on the opposite side of the one you already have. And as for the chair. Well, you're on your own.