Adding on Yamaha pads to a Ludwig Elite kit


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Hi folks any suugestions on this one.

I play a Ludwig Elite 5 piece live and in rehearsal, and I practice at home on a Yamaha DT3 Electronic kit. I am looking to add the Yamaha on to the Ludwig.

Anybody know the best way to go about it. I don't think the Yamaha rack will wrap around the ludwig. Can you get stands
that will take the pads.

hey man Names SketcH hey i hear yea on that 1. heres what i do are you looking for a full 3 bar rack to mount the pads to? what i did was i bought a gibralter 46" curverd bar and mounted it to the yamaha fittings. it fits! i have verious pads around about expanded among my kit . i also mounted my DTX brain up to the gibraler rack so its in arms reach.