Acrylic Drums


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Hey, im new to drumsmylife and just wanted to say it has some GREAT topics disussed on here. But I was wondering what you guys (girls) think on acrylic drums............custom shops better? Ludwig?............what is your experinces with acrylic drums???
i had a set of spaun acrylics.

the pros:

sounded great.
wide tuning range.

the cons:

fragile to scratching. every scratch will show. especially on lighter kits.
fragile to weather (hot & cold)
heavy. nearly twice as heavy as a 6-10 ply maple kit.


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i will play acrylics till i die. i fell in love with them when i got a set of old vistalites (1970's) about 10 years ago. i love the balance of attack and tone, and i feel like the way they sound really compliments the way i play.

as for who to buy from or whatever. i built a custom kit by ordering all the peices and assembling it myself (with some help on the hole drilling from, but luckily they are close enought for me to drive to). and i payed about half of what i would have ordering it from spaun, orange county or anyone else. precision is now also building acrylic kits (which they were not at the time i got mine) and they are using RCI international shells. they're a little more expensive than where i got my shells, and here's the difference.

rci shells use an acrylic weld at the seams (like old vistalites) which is stronger.

the shells i got have a little support tab on the glued together seam (check out the spaun acrylic at your local GC to see it). so they technically aren't as "complete". however, they still sound great.

so if you've got the dough, just build it through precision and you will love yourself.

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I don't know much about toms, but I have an Acrylic snare that I play- Pork Pie Piglite. I was never big into acrylic drums until I got this thing. I love it. Nothing but good things to say about it.