Acrylic Drums

Nigel Letter

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I'm currently considering building an acrylic set. Some people have told me they sound crap. Others have said they sound amazing. Also the people that say they sound crap also go on to tell me that acrylic shells do not agree too well with stage lights or the temperatures that we get down here in Alabama.
Can anyone else shed some light on this subject for me?


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I'm also in AL and am jonesing for an acrylic set.
I played a few at NAMM to check out the tones and construction-
I like the tone; it's not all that different from birch, if a little louder perhaps.

Octobans and acrylic kits were the theme at NAMM- seemed like every brand had some of each displayed.

I can't speak to the 'fragility' issues yet as I haven't owned one, but I hope to eventually.
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