Aaron Gillespie =)

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I'm sorry if this is a double post or like an old thread. I'm newish so I wouldn't really know.

Anyway, what does everyone think of him? He and Brandon Saller are the drummers for my two favorite bands so, I just love them. I like his style. I love how he sings behind the set too. Ha Brandon does that as well, so imagine that.
They've both just inspired me, alot.
Anyone else with opinions?


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I personally think Aaron is an amazing drummer
plus he is an even better vocalist
Ive seen him preform live and he can pull it all off

I cant say much for Brandon Saller
Atreyu is alright and that dude is a pretty good drummer
Im just not a huge fan of them


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Aaron is one of my favs too! I love the fact that he can play all those different time singnitures while singing good at the same time, AND HE IS BLIND IN ONE EYE!!! but atreyus drummer on the other hand, plays good UNTIL he starts to sing, he just cant pull off what aaron can.


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i love aaron gillespie. he is amazing. brandon on the other hand.... i like his older stuff but his newer stuff is basicly the same beat, he might change if for a breakdown sometimes thoe. they're both amazing singers as well


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Can't say that I have ever seen him play. Maybe i'll check him out. I assume that he is fairly new on the pro music scene?


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Easily one of my favorite drummers. He plays with such raw emotion in everything he does. He's just a great musician, his solo project, The Almost is also great...Great Drummer and Singer.

Never really got in to Atreyu.

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i love atreyu and underoath. both great drummers. i haven't checked out the almost yet but i'm planning on picking up their cd in the near future.


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I saw Aaron live a few weeks ago with UnderOath and he is a great drummer and vocalist, I also like his other band (lead singer) "The Almost".


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Hey guys! BoomBoom Percussion just did an interview with Aaron a couple of weeks ago. If you have not seen it yet... check it out here, or go to www.kaneva.com/boomboomtv for BoomBoom Television.

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I was there at the show in ATL on the 15th and they were amazing.

I prefer him as a drummer to frontman, but he is great at both. I can't wait for a new record (even though it seems like "Define the Great Line" and "Southern Weather" just came out...)


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i just watched that interview
the poor guy looks like he's about ready to fall asleep right then and there

i would've been like "hey, let me take a quick nap..then i'll talk to you"


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Brandon is definitely a talented drummer, he makes Atreyu. However I wasn't too impressed with the last album, albeit, not Brandon's fault. He was awesome.

I do have immense respect for Aaron Gillespie. he's solid. And he's influenced many other good drummers. i.e. Zac Farro.


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I absolutely LOVED Lead Sails Paper Anchors... that album was amazing!! So many influences woven together so well. Once you release whatever expectations you have about a band, and just listen for good music, you can appreciate a lot more stuff... Its like those kids who think The Human Abstract's new album "Midheaven" is horrible... its not a bad album, just different.


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His singing is fairly standard for his genre, nothing too special, but I've never really heard his playing.

And this thread is over a year old :shock: