A way?


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Is there a way that you can make a ride cymbal or a hi-hat sound like a crash. Because I am trying to learn to play Nickelback-Rockstar and I cant get the begining beat because i have no crash. so is there a way?
I have the basic beat down its the first one i learned. its like cymbal on every 1+2+3+4+ and snare on every 2 and 4 and bass on every 1 and 3

Potatoe Snack

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till you get a crash all you can do is crash on your ride. Just hit the side of the cymbal with your stick and it'll do for now. but get a crash soon! they are kinda important.


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i got these really rashy hi hats that came withmy set i mean they sounded like crap but now i some heavy hi hats my old ones are crashes to me now :)