A used Paiste 3000 Power Ride?


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I am trying to put together some nice cymbals for my kit without going bankrupt in the process, so I have been looking at used cymbals at my local stores. I don't know much about them, though, so I was hoping for some advice on a potentially good find.

A store here has a Paiste 3000 22" Power Ride for $119. There are no obvious cracks, but there are several dimples from previous abuse and some areas have a green discoloration.

I know the 3000s were an old line, some of which were re-branded as part of the 2002 line, so in good condition it would be a great ride cymbal, especially for the price. However, I'm wondering if with the condition the cymbal is in, is it still worth the money as long as it sounds good when I ask the sales person to let me play it?

I would especially welcome comments on how I could give the cymbal a little maintenance if I do buy it, and comments on the sound it should have from anyone who's played a similar cymbal, so that I can get a feel for if the damage killed the sound.



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Well, this thread obviously didn't generate much interest, but I thought I would reply in case anyone ever finds it in a search in the future and wants to know.

I bought the cymbal. It turns out my memory was wrong and it was a 20" Paiste 3000 Power Ride (not 22"). I gave it a little love with Paiste cymbal cleaner and now it looks nice and pretty. The sound is just awesome. The bell is unbelievably loud and clear. Its just like the bell you hear in recordings of 80s-90s rock (probably because in many cases it WAS the bell in the recording). The ping is great on the body of the cymbal too, but you have to be careful because the wash can get out of control if you are too aggressive. I found that there was a high pitch overtone that started to pick up after a few hits, but a single moongel on the underside wiped that out without ruining the great sound the wash has when you try to keep a handle on it.

Overall, this is a great cymbal and I've had a hard time stopping playing it since I picked it up two days ago. :D