A Perfect Circle


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anybody know if it is official that they are breaking up!!!!!!!!!

I loved them so much deffitly oneof my favorite bands and i really want more of there songs. I think Mer de oms and Thirteeth Step was a master piece. Emotive wasnt bad i mean the songs believe and choke was some of there best. Every band has to make one bad album at least

Johnny Cat

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According to Maynard they are not doing anything anymore. It was mentioned in the June 2006 issue of Revolver Magazine when Tool were interviewed. Maynard stated that he didn't want to deal with two labels, two sets of lawyers and all of that stuff anymore. Billy is going to do solo stuff for the time being, and of course Maynard has Tool and his vineyard.


Mer De Noms = amazing
Thirteenth Step = not so amazing, still decent
eMotive = horrible.

I remember them saying that they were only ever planning on doing 3 albums anyways.


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I think it's a shame. Josh Freese gave us some really amazing grooves on those 3 albums

Pork Sword

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don't forget Tim Alexander cut a few tracks on the first album too....

Anyways, I couldn't really get down with anything past that album all too much....it's good, just not my bag.

The band was very solid & Josh Freese is a chameleon too...he's done so much different music.


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personally I love APC. Josh Freese is a tremendous drummer. I just hope they get back together again and tour because i would love to see that.
Josh Freese is hands down one of my favorite drummers. Mer De Noms is still one of my all time favorite albums. The grooves on there are amazing.