a moment of silence


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Vitek (drummer for decapitated) was killed when theyre tour bus crashed into a truck carrying wood. he dies in a russian hospital whie awaiting further treatment. he was 23.
this guy was one of my biggest influnces. lets all thow on spheres of madness in remberence


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:? oh wow...... I'm speechless. It's sad to see such a great drummer pass away in such way and more if he was that young.

:cry: Rest in peace...


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i opt for all day Decapitated blasting from car stereos, wear a shirt/hoodie or whatever and celebrate his life today and hope that Covan makes a speedy recovery!!!

Empyrean Drums

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I'm really shocked about this. When I played Metalfest with Midgard, they played they're first show in the states right after us. They were some of the coolest guys I've met, they were like little kids (kids who could tear it the fuck up), full of excitement. I just can’t believe he’s dead……


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That fucking sucks. That dude was a beast right from the start, sad day indeed for metal. One thing that always pissed me off is when you never hear about it on T.V. , say a music channel or the news but if a crack slut like freakin britney spears farts in public there's wide spread coverage. yea yea I know metal, let alone death metal don't get the proper recognition it deserves and most likely never will but it's sickening how these amazing musicians get passed up and the talent less A-holes get the praise. all that aside, I wish the band and their families get thru these hard times and maybe one day decapitated will rise again.


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This is truly tragic news. Although I was never a Decapitated fan, I always admired the talent that all those kids have, especially Vitek. Twenty-three years is far too young for a fire that burned as bright as Vitek to extunguish. His presence will be missed in the drumming community, that is for sure.

Everyone raise a glass tonight...

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Hack_and_Slash":3f654o2d said:
Even though I've never heard them, I'm very sad to hear that. 23 is way too young to go out. R.I.P.
I'm the same, no idea who they were until today. Even though metal isn't my main drumming passion, I'm gonna look them up out of respect.

23... shit that's younger than me.