a good tom head combo


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im goin to record soon and i desperately need new heads, something with a good deep sound that'll give an eveness to the tone, ive been playin coated pinstripes, im was thinkin maybe the ebony pins with hazy ambassadors on the bottom.

*The floor is now open for suggestions.*


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idk u might want to stick with the pinstripes, i get a pretty "even" tone in my opinion out of myne. or the coated g2s like anavrin mentioned are also nice. but id stick with the pins.


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I use Aquarian performance II's and they give a nice low, even tone. Our band just finished the drum tracks for our CD in the studio last week and the drums sounded fantastic. I do use zero rings and moon gels to make adjustments if needed. If you you want a 2-ply head, which cuts the higher over tones down a bit, then you might want to go with Evans EC2's. Both are great heads, I just prefer the single ply so I can manipulate the sound alittle more. Good luck in the studio!!