A Good Sounding Cowbell


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LP ridge rider or black beauty. it depends what pitch your going for and how you're going to use it. but those are 2 really sweet cowbells.


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LP make the best cowbells in my opinion, try a bunch out for yourself at your local music store and see what is best for you,


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I try to find the lowest tuned cowbell i can
So far, the Pearl has the lowest
The LP Ridge Rider looks to be the best for playing heavy music due to the nylon bar riveted to the playing surface
It does tend to muffle the bell a bit but most people don't like a completely open sound
Personally, I want as much clang as possible

Maybe someday I will have someone build me the "Rockula big dumb cowbell"
It will go DOOK!


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I have a vintage ludwig gold tone cowbell (the John Bonham cowbel from Moby Dick and Good Times Bad Times). Its awsome, and its made by Paiste, then chromeplated by ludwig with a ludwig logo stamped on it.


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I hate the sound of cowbells but I forced myself to get one. I got the LP Tapon cowbell. Very small and high pitched with a pretty quick decay. Complements my timbale snare very well.