A Good Sabian Medium thin Cymbal!


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I am getting a new cymbal. It is going to be a sort've thin cymbal and I want it to be a Sabian. Does anyone have any suggestions???? :D


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aaxplosion...unless you want something without a lot of sustain. then id suggest an aax studio...to me the stages sound bad. if youre looking for something darker then the hh thin and medium thin cymbals sound awesome.


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I have 2 ,16" sabian prob8 thin crashes and a 14 sabian pro b8 thin and their bright ,responsive and sound great


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aax dark crashes, aax studio, or aax explolsion crashes sound great i haev all 3 but i wanna get an exxplosion crash in like a 18 inch model but yea any of those are good and they sound great