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I remember being surprised when I read a Modern Drummer "It's Questionable" column on this very subject
The guy from Zildjian said that a product called "ZUD" was just fine to use as a Zildjian cymbal cleaner (except the Platinum series, but those ended up flaking off anyways)

He was right
It sure does clean the cymbal alright
It also erodes the silkscreening on your cymbals too
But that's cool
Peart orders his cymbals without badges
I like the look

My cymbals usually don't last long enough to get to that point
I usually kill them before they get that far


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normally i dont clean mine....i havent heard of anything that is fer sure trustworthy so i fig until then i can live with dirty cymbals lol. so if anyone knows something i can use id love to know


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ceej730":3o18jg2m said:
ketchup...squirt it on then rub...no joke

ive heard this before but not with tomato sauce! ive heard and used brown sauce (HP Sauce) and it does work just remember to clean if off well but it gets the cymbals shining.

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I've used "Barkeepers Friend" for years with no ill effects on my Paiste sigs, Sabians, Ziljians, Saluda and Wuhons. You can find it at your local store or a walmart type store. It cleans rust too so you can use it on any old harware that needs some resto. But as with ALL cleaners it will remove your logo.

Their hype:
It cleans stainless steel, porcelain, ceramic tile, plastic, copper, china, fiberglass, imitation marble, tile, grout, and chrome.

It's recommened by All-Clad, Calphalon, Cordon Bleu, Corelle, Cutco, Regalware, Seal-o-matic, Wagner, West Bend, Blanco, Delta Faucet, Eljer, Elkay, Franke, Keidel, MIXA, Rachiele, Revere, and Wedgwood


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do cymbals ACTUALLY sound better clean....or is it just more the pride and keeping your babies nice and clean.

I haven't cleaned my aaxs since i bought them a few years back....i think its time!


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correct me if i'm wrong, but cleaning then gives them a brighter sound. beofer i got my zildjians i used brasso. it did the trick, it probably killed my cymbols, but they weren't that great anyway.

anyone got any bright ieas on brasso, maybe it's something to avoid, but it is a brass cleaner... but then up-market cymbols are alloy. hmmm...


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johnmc2k":168ausbs said:
do cymbals ACTUALLY sound better clean....or is it just more the pride and keeping your babies nice and clean.
It really depends on what kind of sound you like
I have heard stories from some old school jazz drummers who take new cymbals and bury them in the ground for a couple of days
They come out looking like they've been played for years
This is great for the type of sound that Jazz guys like

What should you do?
Try cleaning them but listen to what they sound like before and after
If you like them dirty then all you have to do is just let 'em get dirty
That's the easy part


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I have used a product called Flitz, it can be kinda pricey though. Found at hardware stores mostly.


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according to commercials, flitz, ask skitch said, can be used to clean tool boxes on the backs of trucks to make them shinyyyyyy. And if it works on that it should work on cymbals