[_Rob_] - Dw Collectors


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Hi guys/girls i'm new to the forum. I'm Rob from England.

This is my Dw Collectors kit, i don't play the same tom set up now i only use the 12" tom (not shown) and the 16" floor.

Pork Sword

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Beautiful kit man...I love their lac. sparkle finishes. DW really turns out amazing drums...

I bet the look stunning under the lights too.

Welcome as well.


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Beautiful looking kit, and I bet it sounds sweet. I also have a blue sparkle laquer kit (Yamaha) and love that finish.


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i still dont get why u would go spend a ton of money on a kit and get some ugly wrapped finish..why not an exotic veneer in an awesome lacquer???

Rob Crisp

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Very very nice! Where in the UK are you Rob?

I'm also Rob in the UK, but I' a Tama boy through and through! :wink: