[8MDrummer] - Ludwig


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kind of an odd pic. But I like it.

I'll send more later if anyone wants

1968 Ludwig (refinished in 2002)

14x20 Kick
8x12 Tom
12x14 Floor Tom (originally 14x14, I cut it down a bit)

5.5x14 snare



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I can't see much in the pic but from what I can see I'm sure your kit is great. Can't wait to see some better pics! :)


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Hey man, kit looks nice in the pic..

How comes you cut your floor tom down, wouldnt it lose value and sound quality?

1968 ludwig kit is any Beatles fans dream kit and are now worth loads and rare to find in good condition...



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I should have been more specific. The floor tom is not an original.......it's a keller shell. I built two toms with it. One for the Ludwig (I used reproduction harware) and another for a clent of mine. sorry for the confusion. I would NEVER cut down an original '68. I'll post more pics sson :)