8 years of professional teaching - time to give it away

nutha jason

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I have spent the last eight years teaching drums full time but I've decided it is time to just put my experience out there so over the next few months I'm going to shoot maybe a hundred videos on how to play the drums from the first beginner lesson to intermediate stuff maybe even advanced all in a very gradual progression. I'm going to focus not just on content of a progressive curriculum but also
- creativity
- strategies for self teaching and learning

here are my first 13 videos as a playlist (more will be added weekly):

please have a look and sorry for my chopped off head.

cheers guys.


nutha jason

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next batch up. none more for a couple of weeks as I am on holiday now.

Learn to play drums (24 of many) beatboxing and two essential grooves

Learn to play drums (25 of many) creative filters: subtraction & addition

Learn to play drums (26 of many) creative filters: substitution

Learn to play drums (27 of many) sit up and subdivide

Learn to play drums (28 of many) more subdivision work