8 vs 10 lugs on 22" bassdrums


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I was wondering if 8 vs 10 lugs on a 22x18 bass drum really makes a difference in tuneability/consistency/precision, especially with pro heads on it.. i notice a 24x bass drum has 10 lugs, and its about the same spacing that a 8 lug spacing on a 22 is.. it would certainly be better resonation! Let's discuss...



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You know,
I never really noticed any difference on the 8 or 10 lug 22 kick. I think the sound you get with the 10 lug 22 is more controlled and focused since you can tune it a lot tighter. Me I use a 8 lugs on the main kit and 10 lugs on the small jazz kit on my right. The 8 lugs gives me more of a boomier sound.