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What does everyone think of yamaha stage custom advantage kits? I have owned one for about a year and I LOVE IT! First off the lugs are great. I sometimes have to change heads and sometimes it happens to be before a show! they are great because you only have to loosen them a little and they pop off. no more twisting until it pops out. the next feature is the quality! since i have started playing drums ive always had crappy kits. and ive always said that my dream kit was a yamaha, well i bought one and oh my god. its incredible. its birch ( which is the only way to go! ) man its just great, i play in studios and churchs and it sounds great miked up! ill keep this short of a novel. but the point is, I wouldnt trade my yamaha for ANY other kit or brand. how does everyone else feel?


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I've been playing on a stage custom for a year and a half now and I've always wondered if I made the right choice or not. It's my first real set so at the time, I couldn't really tell "How good it was." When I went to drum lessons or my friends house, they're sets sounded so much better than mine. I didn't know that heads had so much to do with it. I put some EC2's and an emad and was shocked at how much better it sounded. Recently, I felt like the drums were kinda sucky again but it was the evans heads that I hate. I put aquarian heads on yesterday and as soon as I tested them out, I was shocked and realized Yamaha's OWN my face...or those crappy exports with EC2's or Pinstripes. I'd definitely endorse Yamaha drums if I had the chance to. If the stage custom sounds this good, I can't wait to try out the higher end ones with some real heads on them. But yeah yamaha's are amazing. THUNDEROUS bass, very easy to tune, beautiful finishes, and the lugs are very convenient.


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birch custom absolute nouveau owner since august. these were the drums that brought yamaha into the ring as a contender for me, and they were the drums i could get the best deal on. i love them but i havent been able to dial in the bass yet.


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a kid in the band at the football game the other nite was using a three piece stage custom. It sounded pretty good, but he had TAPEEEEE on the stock drum heads!!! ahhh!! but yea it still sounded good so i bet with some evans g2s and good tuning it would pwn.