24" and 26" Bass Drums


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Anyone own one of these? I've always wanted something bigger than a 22" but I can never find 26"s that fit my kit (Black on black Pearl EX) and they're all so expensive.

Are they worth it? Does it make a difference miked? Do you have to use stands for toms or do they have tom mount bass drums? Thanks, guys.


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I've used both and want another very badly, but the company with whom I have my deal doesn't really make too many of them, at least for the States. At one time, I had 3 sets of Slingerland Radio Kings with 26's and the sound guy once described them as the sound of "beating a whale with a Cadillac." :)

If anyone tells you that they're slow to respond, it's BS. Just gotta work out how to tune 'em. The people who consider them to be slow would shock themselves once they figured it out.

Your best bet is gonna be to find a used, trashed marching BD shell. Just recover it in black and order lugs, etc. that will match your kit. I'm gonna guess it'd be cheaper than you suspect.

I never had to put my toms on stands but they were standard depth. On the kit I recorded with the most, I did multi-clamp the holder to a cymbal stand but that was because I wanted to use a Tama Omnisphere tom holder but not drill the shell for the receiver plate. It also enabled me to use a RIMS mount on the rack tom to open it up. Worked great!

Good luck in your search, bud.


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A buddy of mine bought a Gretsch w/ a 26" bass. It sounds badass. I think he paid around $800 for the kit w/o hardware. 26" bass, 14,16,18" toms, and snare. He doesn't have to eq it as much to get that deep, low end when using a mic.


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I've got a 24'' pork pie. The thing is huge! We recorded half our last album with a 22 before i got the 24, had to go back and redo all the tracks because the 24 had sooooo much more beef to it.
I use one of those little dealies that attach to a cymbal stand (too early to think of the correct name) for mounting. Though i'm thinking of getting a snare stand instead, obviously this wouldn't work if you had more than one rack. It's all personal preference, but i'd say it was definitely worth my money.


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I had a 24" kick on my 40's slingerland set. Loved it to death. Now I have a 26 kick. I love big bass drums, and would never buy a small bass drum ever again. But I do feel spoiled when I sit down infront of a 22" kick. I guess for my personal taste I love a big bass drum. But I know a lot of drummers who wont go bigger than a 22. Differnt spokes for differnt folkd.


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Playing a 26" Vistalite. I personally wouldn't go back to anything under 22" or under. You get more resonance, kick, power, more everything.
Its personal choice and the sound you're looking for. As a rule of thumb its a beast and you have to carry it about but its worth it for me.


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I have a Ludwig Classic Custom that I took on the road for years and the Bass drum is a 24' mofo! Sounds like a monster, but be carfull with anything bigger than a 24'er. Heads get hard to find.

Here is a pic of me at 16 before my first tour on the ludwigs.

Now I got a Mapex Saturn, no looking back!


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You guys got nothing on me, I have a 28"x20" DW. I took the front head off and put my son inside of it to give you some perspective of its size.


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I have a classic ludwig/leedy fifties big band kit with a 24" bass drum......I threw some legs from a sonor kit to stop it from running away from and since then it has been the best kit I have ever had. It looks beat up but records and plays beautifully.....I use one of the Yamaha mics that looks like a lil drum to record it.....it picks up all the subs and sounds sweet!


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Recently got a new 7 piece Yamaha MCA kit with a virgin 24 x 18 bass.

Pros - the look and sound of it is great. I have another kit with 2 bass drums (a 22 and a 20) and the 24" kick gives a beautiful, low thud. Verry happy to have gone wit ha 24.

Cons - other than price and weight, if you are using multiple toms, you have to keep tom configuration in mind. I have 8,10,12,14 and 16 toms, and b/c the bass drum is higher than I used to have, I have to actually position the toms a little higher than I would want to clear the bass drum shell. I use a rack too, and the only way around this is to put the toms on dramatic angles that I personally am not comfortable with.

Obviously, if you are playing a 4 piece kit, or don't keep toms over the bass drum, it's not an issue.


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Look into ddrums !! I've owned a kit from just about every top manufacture out there. I think pearl hands down make the best drums in their master series. Anyway I've always played big bass drums and always had a killer sound from them. If you go to my myspace page you can hear a live clip of my kit with a 24" DW kick drum (use track 'evil breeds evil'). Ok.. wanting a big kick drum.. look into ddrums! I think these are the biggest bang for the buck out there. My dominion maples have 6 ply shells, lacquer finish, die cast hoops and beautiful chrome hardware. I like I mentioned earlier I've owned many kits and these drums compared to my pearl masters and DW's give those kits a run for there money at a huge fraction of the price. A ddrum dominion 26" kick drum is only $220 . look into one of these kits it might be just what your looking for.


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the biggest bass ive ever played is a 26x20 n man its really low but not so much kick u know? ill still to 22's cuz they can be low with a kick with tuning! but the 26 wasnt too bad

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I played 22's all my life. My Pearl MLX kit had two 22's but I wanted a bigger kick because I was changing to a single kick setup. I found a matchiing 24" MLX on ebay and I finally found the kick drum sound I always wanted.