2 year old cx pdp? or a 2 month old?


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i have two options
i can buy a 1 and a half year old pdp cx drum kit

http://i37.photobucket.com/albums/e86/M ... m_set_.jpg

that includes
two hi toms and three floor toms,
bass drum and a pearl black piccolo snare.
zildjian avedis custom ping ride, avedis custom crash,
avedis china crash sabian 15"
crash and a pair of avedis custom hi hats.
Comes with pacific double bass pedal and all stands for the symbols!! asking price $675.00

or a month old cx kit (hardwear included)
that looks brand spanking new (cause it is)
for 700

im leaning towards the one that cost less with more
cause i broke my ride and id sell off the other cymbals

just wondering which kit would sound better
if a year and a half on those drums would make a big idfference


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If you go with the kit pictured, I hope you'll be getting the bottom heads and hoops for the toms as well.

The kit pictured seems like a good option though. Less money, plus the chance to make some more money by selling the cymbals you don't need.

Dunno, maybe I'm biased because I don't see a pic of the other kit.


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get the older one and make sure you get a rim and tension rods for the 12" tom too. theres no reason to spend more on less gear just because its a little newer...theyre the same kit so get the one that offers more in the end.


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the new one looks beautiful
theres nothing wrong with it
but yeah im leaning toward the old one
but just wanted to make sure