18" & 19" crashes


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ok basically i have a 17" a custom crash and a 15" a custom crash but im so not happy with them. The reason for this is the 17" just sounds so weak when recording it lacks projection. The 15" just has the shortest decay ever which is really anoying.

I spoke to some guys from my local drum store and he suggestion i actually get bigger cymbals as he had the same problem, probably a 18 or 19 a custom.

Has anyone used these?


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You can go with larger cymbals for one solution, or you can go with heavier cymbals. The difference between a 17" A Custom Medium crash and a 17" Z Custom Medium crash is astounding, especially on the wash of the sound. If you like the sizes that you have, you can look for heavier models to buy. Keep in mind, you're not going to get much sustain out of a 15" crash, no matter what you buy.


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i agree with screamkevin, try going for heavier cymbals if you like the sizes of your current ones.
but i would suggest changing tht 15" crash if your not into the sound, maybe a 18" in place of it would be a good change. buying a heavy 15" cymbal woldnt really make much of a difference in sound


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ta animalien what i meant to say was

quite alot of crashes below 16" decay faster. in all cymbal ranges. go with big sizes you can make a big sound :D. have fun.


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Not quite true devilspain. A small thick cymbal will ring for a while. Thickness and size are a big part in decay, yes. It's also about how hard it's struck.

I have a A custom 16, a A-16, a A-18 and a 20" ping. I also have a Han Chi 10" Splash China, a 18" China and a 9" zilbel. Guess which one has the longest decay?

The Zilbel.


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hey man , YES use a bigger cymbal for that bigger explosive crash sound your looking for. You can break the bank on a 18 or 19 Acustom/projection crash if you REALLY WANT/LOVE THE SOUND or check out the sabian STAGE CRASH/DARK CRASH,AAX and AAXPLOSION, they are great cymbals/ with great results and are cheaper.


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Yes,move into the 18"-19" range....and then look at the models in those sizes.

I can't speak but for myself and I have a Sabian 17" HH thin crash,18" AAXplosion crash & a 19" AAXplosion crash and they are the balls!!! :shock:


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yea. i prefer bigger crash's. it anoys alot of people here. because they are into the scene where 14/15/16 is their crash setup and the 16 is too big they say. they want 12/13/14. and i run 16/18/18(completely diff model for diff sound) all med. but the second 18 is heavy) i eventualy want to run 17/18/19/20 . i love the sound. and the sustain. its perfect for me. i recomend going into the larger spectrum, and run a med weight or higher. just be careful you need good stands and you have to adjust to the feel of the cymbal. i like my c ymbals like my drum.t he tone has to have a lil meat on it. for instance. im gettin ready to step up to 15in med/heavy or heavy hi hats. 21in heavy ping ride, 24 in heavy ride. and my x hats are gona be 14in heavys or 13 heavys. i like my splashes med or med/heavy weight. but i like to run 3-4 diff splashes. my china's are my babies. especialy my 18in B8 Pro. love it. and for the records. i have a 14 in light/med crash that rings longer than any of my cymbals and one of my friends has a 8in and 10in alien disk. and those thing ring for ages. the longest ring ive heard wasfrom that same friends zilbell. ironicaly


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I'll add that larger cymbals on average take a bit longer to fully open up all their harmonic content. Thicker cymbals seem to act the same way, but that may just be that they take more force to fully "crash out" their sound. I had a 16" A rock crash and I hated it. I had smack it hard to get away from the half-hit ringy sound it had.

Basically, upping the size or thickness will help. Keep in mind that it won't sound the same, or play the same. And adorning your kit with fat slabs of bronze is killer for your hearing.


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I have/had crashes from 15" to 20" and while it depends on what style of music I'm playing, I really like using the bigger crashes.
For me, 17" is small. I love my 20" AA Rock crash and I'd like to get a 20" XS20 crash if they'd make it.

Since you're playing a 15" and a 17" I'd suggest just adding a 19" to your set instead of replacing one of the other two.


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I would say it depends on the situation, style of music played, and sticks being used.

I have 3 different set ups and my smallest crash is 16' and largest being a 19'RUDE Crash/Ride. Consider sound reinforcement.
My preference would be a medium to medium-heavy crash for lighter stuff and go heavier in louder situations/live.

I would say your best bet is to go at least with a Medium weight cymbal for starters then mess around the different sizes to see which one is more appealing.

David Stanoch

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I'm curious about what kind of music you're playing, how big your band is and what type of venues you play?

All of this makes a difference in the size, weight and type of hammering you should consider in getting the most balanced and musical sound out of your cymbals...

If you're playing any general type of metal or rock music, you'll want cymbals that cut more than blend with the amplified sounds you're ensemble features. Therefore, remember that (in general) size adds decay and weight adds brightness of tone. The smaller the cymbal, the shorter the burst, the heavier the cymbal the "beefier" the tone. If you need a cymbal that spreads over two bars, or so ,for decay, get a thinner larger (19 to 20 inch) cymbal.

I play Paiste Cymbals and would recommend RUDE models for the thicker tonalities with less decay (punchy); the 2002's for loud, bright tones from punchy to airy (in amplified situations); Signature for bright to mellow CLEAN tonality with power and so on...

You can easily "kill "a cymbal that can't do the job you want it to and cymbals are expensive musical instruments. If you hear a cymbal you like played by an artist you admire, find out their cymbal set-up from the company they endorse...use the "Ask A Pro" forum in MODERN DRUMMER to address the artist personally on the subject and go from there. These resourses are available for you to utilize so take advantage of them and good luck.

David Stanoch


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sinborn":3s7wxcm1 said:
I'll add that larger cymbals on average take a bit longer to fully open up all their harmonic content. Thicker cymbals seem to act the same way, but that may just be that they take more force to fully "crash out" their sound.
That is normally true but,Sabians AAXplosion series come alive with just a hint of touch(hence the name Xplosion). :shock:


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personally, i go for much larger cymbals anyway. i prefer larger because the decay is longer and it adds a lot of interesting tones washing together. i use a sabian 21" HH ride to crash on sometimes, but more often than not i use my 26" zildjian ride to crash on. i try to avoid using it too much because of the size of the sound, but it's great for accents because the decay can hang over several bars after the event.

if i were buying crashes (i usually only use rides) i'd head for no less than 18".


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Check out what Sabian and Paiste have to offer as well!!! I have a 16" Sabian Vault Crash, and the thing is beastly loud and powerful!!! It is GREAT! And has a great bell as well just for the record! But it lasts the correct length I'd say for such a crash. And has that explosive sound as well! Perhaps you should try like a Paiste RUDE or Signature Power Crash. It may make a difference!!! No... it WILL!!!