16x16 kickdrum heads?


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What head should I use for the kick drum I'm building out of an old floor tom?

Right now, I'm thinking of picking up the Aquarian Studio X, but still wide open to opinions.


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It's hard for me to say precisely. What do you mean by definition?
I played the drum empty and with the beater coming off the head. The drum sings with a very warm mellow tone. I had remo pinstripes on it but though it has to much of a plastic attack and smack, so that's why I changed it to a J1. If you want attack out of this kick drum that is focused and tight, I suggest a G2 coated or clear head, or any other equivalent of other manufacturers. For muffling I'd use felt strips taped to the head with no muffling inside. For reso I use a clear 1ply head.
Hope this helps. If you need more info just ask :)