16ths around 240


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i was really good at it a couple of weeks ago, but i got sick and couldn't play drums. now every time i try i hit the bass drums un-evenly, making it sound terible (especially when i go from a slower double bass pattern to a fast one) i didn't have trouble with this when i first learned them, so i don't know why i would now. any suggestions?


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play 220 for 5 minutes constant. or just try a long warm-up before attempting these speeds and if that doesnt work evaluate your foot positioning and your body positioning over the pedals to make sure your optimizing in case you had that sweet spot before and now dont because u moved ur throne or whatev.


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people get a bit really carried away when talking about bpms. 240 is ALOT faster than people relize. set your metronome. if your really hitting 16ths at 240 evenly you FLYING. if your playing at 260 your insane. play around 200 for a minute, then 210, then 220 etc. if you need to start slower do so. concentrate on being one with the pedal. pay attention to the way your foot rebounds off the pedal. KEEP IT EVEN. 240 is REALLY fast. those speeds are not easy


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Yeah 240 is certainly a feat. I too would like to see some video footage of this speed at 16ths. Not that I think it's unattainable just that not everyone can do it, including myself. On another note......I have yet to find a situation where speeds over 200 for any extended period of time is musically appeasing. But thats just me.