14" Rack Tom OR 14" Floor Tom???


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I just picked up a Taye GoKit (see http://www.tayedrums.com/drum_sets/gokit/) . . . and they have two 14" Toms available for the set, either a rack tom or a floor tom.

The rack tom is 14" x 7", the floor tom is 14" x 11". For ease of moving, I'd rather have the rack tom, but am concerned it may not give me the same low end as the floor tom. Thoughts?? Opinions??



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To put it simply, you're just not gonna get much low end out of a go kit in the first place.

I'd probably go for the floor tom.


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From what I read it depends on the quality and the style you play but most people seem to think floor toms are the best. I am still a noob when it comes to drums so take my advice with a grain of salt haha