12" snare??


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Ive got a mapex Pro M set, and i really love it except live the snare just doesnt stand up. I've seen a few bands use 12" snares live and I think they sound good (Mainly Chris Adler). Anybody have any suggestions on this??????


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I think it's a matter of tuning and the sound guy. I think it's one of Mapex strong points that they make balanced sounding kits (no drum stands out or is much louder than others).

Rob Crisp

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I've just bought a Tama 12x4 Hammered Steel snare and it sounds lovely!

I was originally buying it for an auxilliary but quite like it as a main snare. Has a nice crack to it, not too many overtones and responds well to gentle and hard strokes.

I agree with Shalaq about live situations. Tuining is clearly going to be important and a good sound man will make your snare sound wicked!

I do tend to go through a fair few skins when playing with the band though :p


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For the most part is what you hear..
Like when I play a show I cant really hear myself.
I have to base it off of feel and memory.
But the audience can hear me perfectly fine.

Here are a few questions..

Are you using a snare mic?
Is it a wood or metal snare?
Do you alwayse have problems hearing it,
or do just have a hard time when your playing live?

My suggestion is if you have a metal snare you should tune
it tighter so it has a high pitch sound. With a high pitch sound
it has a very destinctive ring sound that everyone can hear.

If it's wood then tun it medum/tight so it has a loud bang

If its wood put a stip of Shiny Aluminum Duct Tape surrounding
the center of the inside drum..
That gives it a small but metal like sound.