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  1. dannydrumperc

    Personal amp / monitor

    Hi. I really need a personal amp / monitor for my Roland SPD-S - just can't stand any more going trough the PA and not hearing what I'm doing. Any suggestion? What are you using?
  2. dannydrumperc

    Loop station / drum machine

    I'm in this project that calls for both real drums and electronic loops. I'm thinking about getting a drum machine to program the loops in. But I would really like this thing to have the capability to accept external triggers too, so I can start the loop, play my drums, and trigger some other...
  3. dannydrumperc

    Remo Muff'l Control Rings

    Does anybody here uses (or had used) these: It seems very similar to the Aquarian SKII concept, but no drumhead, leaving that choice op to us. I'm looking for something to muffle a 16x16 floor tom converted to kick. It will be...
  4. dannydrumperc

    Converting a floor tom into a kick

    Besides the Pearl Jungle Jig, Danmar's Craddle and DW Liftter, what other devices are available to convert a floor tom into a kick drum? Or what other imaginative alternative have you seen?
  5. dannydrumperc

    Zildjian on Guitar Hero III

    Check this out: ... ewsID=1593
  6. dannydrumperc


    I’ve been using my 18” china as a gong substitute with mallets, but now I’ve been thinking about having a real one. I know they are cumbersome (and expensive), but it would be mainly for studio purposes. Which are the sonic differences between wind gongs and “chaw” gongs? Any ideas (style...
  7. dannydrumperc

    Coated resonant heads

    I'm about change my reso heads for coated ones, and wanted to know how many (if any) of you had/are using coated resos.
  8. dannydrumperc

    New Armand crashes & Ks - do they get along?

    I need a new crash cymbal and I think it should be something like a 16" thin crash. My cymbals are all Ks and I feel inclined to keep it like that, but at the same time I'm curious about the new Z's Armand thin crashes. Their description says they have a rather low profile an relatively lighter...
  9. dannydrumperc

    Hey, Moderators...

    I think we need a percussion dedicated forum, just like the snare drum, cymbals & etc. that we have here. Any plans on that?
  10. dannydrumperc

    K Custom Dry Light Ride - anyone?

    I’m intrigued about this cymbal. I’m looking for a thin ride with a dry and dull stick sound and a trashy short crash when shouldered. What you think about the KCDLR?
  11. dannydrumperc

    Favorite drumhead brand

    Please name your series/model of preferences for snares, toms and bassdrums
  12. dannydrumperc

    Mixing cymbals - different alloys/brands

    I recorded some percussion last week including some cymbal rolls. I used my 14" Avedis paper thin crash for it because we wanted a high and cutting cymbal sound. We were amazed at how dark my crash cymbal sounded compared to the crash cymbals already recorded on the drum track - Paiste Signature...