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  1. zen_drummer

    SO, What's in store for people that attend DRT 2009?

    I did a walk-thru of the venue today and this got very very real today! Stepping into the main hall area is like walking back in time. The place is nostalgically beautiful and the curtain on the stage resembles an old vaudville stage. It's going to be a great place to see these clinicians and...
  2. zen_drummer

    DECEMBER CONTEST... check it out... don't miss this!

    This is not posted at the DRT site yet, because I have been SWAMPED with work, but I'm posting it here to get the ball rolling! WHAT ARE WE GIVING AWAY? OK, here's the deal... in fact... head up to your room and grab a spare pair of shorts before I announce what the prize is going to be...
  3. zen_drummer

    DML, it's been a good ride... take care everybody.

    For the last few weeks I've been bouncing back and forth between here and another forum. My original thought was that I would post at both, but recently I've been reading posts here and have actually been disgusted by the piss poor attitude that many of the younger members have demonstrated...
  4. zen_drummer

    Speed Vs. Musicality Thread and Board Over-Moderation

    A couple weeks ago, when I was on vacation, Matt Smith posted a thread that was locked and ultimately deleted by a Moderator of this forum. I took the time to write a response and post it, but it too, was deleted. I completely disagree with the Moderator that deleted the thread. Matt had the...
  5. zen_drummer


    I know this is already in the lessons section, but a LOT of guys on here don't go in there... so I hope nobody minds this redundant post.... I'm really happy to be able to announce that the Drum Road Trip website, in conjuction with Mike Johnston (, is giving away a FREE...
  6. zen_drummer

    Lots of stuff for sale... 2 kits, Electronics, Tandem Bike

    I'm buying the house across the street from me so I can prevent it from turning into a crack house again... so to help raise some cash for closing costs, I'm selling a few things that might be of interest to some of you... some of the stuff I haven't taken pictures of, but I'll describe...
  7. zen_drummer


    On MONDAY August 4, 2008. I'm going to conduct a test of a chat-room software that will be launched at the drum Road Trip Website. At ~ 11:30PM E.S.T. I'm opening the chat room, and it will be on until ~ 1:00AM E.S.T. To get to the chat room, go to and LOG IN. If you...
  8. zen_drummer

    Contest to win FREE online lessons for LIFE!

    I'm really happy to be able to announce that the Drum Road Trip website, in conjuction with Mike Johnston (, is giving away a FREE subscription for lessons, and yep, it's good for life! Can you IMAGINE the value of this prize when you consider that it's 20 bucks a month...
  9. zen_drummer

    DRT July Contest Results are IN!

    The July Contest Results are IN! ... &Itemid=30
  10. zen_drummer

    NEW... 2008 Drum Road Trip BLACK T SHIRT! You asked for it..

    Wait till you get a load of THIS! You've been asking for Black T's... well kiddos, have we got a black T for YOU! (and 7 other colors) This is a Black T with the comment that started it ALL! Brother Bongs now LEGENDARY statement that started...
  11. zen_drummer

    Let's ALL help to keep DML "REAL"...

    Drums my life is a really great forum and one of the things that makes it so great is the really diverse group of drummers and multi-instrumentalists that call this place home! As the community thread that is currently running has demonstrated, we have people from all walks of life, a wide...
  12. zen_drummer

    DRT2009 Merchandise NOW AVAILABLE (again...)

    New logo is up... hope ya like it... Now PLEASE... somebody buy some stuff! :roll:
  13. zen_drummer


    Subject line says it all.. anybody heard from him? He vanished a couple months before DRT2008.
  14. zen_drummer

    Jason Bittner Clinic/Master Class at the Drum Road Trip

    Yes folks, You read that correctly... This all started out as Bong shooting his mouth off about a little gathering for DML members and now it has turned into an international event with Top name talent performing and doing clinics. On Saturday June 28 Jason Bittner will be doing a...
  15. zen_drummer

    Washington/Arlington/Baltimore June 1-3

    I'm not gigging, but I'll be in the Washington DC/Crystal City area for a few days next month if anybody wants to get together just to hang out and talk drums. I usually have from about 8PM free when I'm in the area.
  16. zen_drummer

    Wanted: 2 Sabian AAX Crashes... a 14" and a 16"

    Does anybody have these for sale? I'm willing to pay too much for them, like in the neighborhood of 60 bucks for the 14" and 70 dollars for the 16". This is a bit higher than they are going for on eBay, so you would have to include the shipping in that price. These are used cymbals, after...
  17. zen_drummer

    Ebay Spaun Score

    Well hell, I wasn't in the market for another drum, but the past few days I've been watching an auction for a Spaun Recording Series snare drum with the "stars-n-stripes" lacquer paint scheme which is the Red White and Blue Flag Motif.... Specs are: 6x13 dimensions * 8 ply Birch shell * Die...
  18. zen_drummer

    Have you seen the muffin man?

    Well... HAVE YOU?
  19. zen_drummer

    We need to establish rules for the classified section...

    I hate to be a complainer, but our classified section can be a real pain in the butt... People post lists of things for sale with no pictures or prices. Then we get a whole thread of people asking "how much for this or that, and do you have pictures". Then we get pictures and no prices. Then we...
  20. zen_drummer

    How much are my drums worth?

    I have an old drum set. I don't know who made it, I don't know what sizes they are or anything. I don't have any pictures of it. Can you tell me what it's worth? I really need to know.