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    Weapons of Mass Percussion

    This is the current layout of the kit. The 12 inch Hi hat is in between the 16 inch tom and the snare and is controlled by the very left hi hat pedal. The right side hats are controlled by the right side cable hats. The kit builder didn't have any toms above 18 inches, but I do have a 22 inch...
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    Vents On a Snare Drum

    What does having a vent on a snare achieve in terms of sound? Does it decrease resonance? Does it make it brighter? I want to put one in my snare, but i don't want to until I know EXACTLY what it does. if anybody knows, that'd be appreciated.
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    Thomas Land Signature Drumsticks

    They're awesome!!! I can honestly say that I can recomend these sticks for both Set and Marching. They're a little heavy on set, but they're great for warming up and practicing. They're good on just snare too. Great bounce and ballance. Hey, if they're good enough for Thomas Lang, they're good...
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    Drum Frame

    Okay, I want to know everything about this. Does it work, how much does it cost, because I am seriously considering getting one.
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    Drum Frame

    Okay, does anybody know what this is all about? If it's effective, if it works well, how much it costs. I want to know everything you guys have.