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    Practise kit and Gig kit

    i recently bought a new mapex so i 'fused' together my old kit and the new one for a practise kit. The set up at home i have changed this setup recently, this is a fairly old photo so hopefully ill get some new photos soon as i cant haul my entire kit in my car and it would take too long...
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    Check my band -- Aggressive Thrash Metal! just FYI, i am not the drummer in the recordings, they were recorded with the previous drummer wen he was still in the band but i am said to be tighter :D lol
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    Did i make the right decision?

    im wondering what you guys think. i was in a band for a number of years that always had in our minds that we would get somewhere (as many bands think im sure). however we were together for nearly 4 years and played NO gigs. i was getting pissed off with the situation and even though we are good...