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    Unnecessary Equipment

    Recently I have noticed that young drummers feel the need to have 10 cymbals and 25 drums in their kit. Why do all of these kids feel the urge to use all of these drums and cymbals when they should be focusing on learning the basics of drumming.
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    Expantion pack and floor tom

    Ok.....i am looking at getting some more drums for my kit. Im gonna get a new snare drum along with at least 2 toms and 1-2 floor toms. Should i buy the drums seperatly or get an expantion pack. Also what kind do you think that i should buy. I play hard and fast and i need some thing that...
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    New Snare

    I'm thinking of getting a new snare for my kit along with some other stuff but, i really want a good reliable snare. What should i get and there rteall isn't a price range so anything that you guys think works good. I play really, really, really fast punk rock and my snare drum takes oine hell...
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    Shine Drums

    I found the custom drums company Shine Custom Drums. Their work looks reallygreat and i was wondering if anybody has any experience with this company beacsue i am really interested in their work.
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    Whats you favorite Type of Cymbal?

    Just wanted to see what other people are into. When you are buying a cymbal what do you look for.
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    cheap cymbol stands

    im looking at buying anothing cymbol stand to add a crsh/ride 18" onto. I got the cymbol a while ago and kindof forgot about it but, it sounds great and really projects sound. I don't wanto to replace any of my other cymbols but, would really like it to be prat of my set. What is a very cheap...
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    Tuning a snare drum

    whats the best way to do it because mine is all out of tune but, i do have another one but, it doesn't match my kit. please use the search engine and you'll find a lot of info on tuning drums. PS. there's no best way to do anything Shalaq
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    How do you keep your bass drum from moving.

    I have been having a problem lately with my bass drum. It seems to be moving while i am playing and it is really effecting the way that i play. Is there anyway that i can prevent this from happening. Also, is there anyway to keep the pedal from moving off oif the drum. I have it clamped all...