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    any drummers on here do covers, solos, improvs, ect on youtube? If so add me! :D and subscribe!
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    College next year.

    So next year im going to college. and i dont know how ill survive because i won't have my drums. i can't wait months just to play them! if your in college, or been through a simliar problem..howd it go? my dad said hed buy me an electric kit if i got in jmu early decision...but i dont see that...
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    me covering travis barker and soulja boy haha

    tell me what you think :) just messing around. ps the afro unfortunaely is fake.
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    Gretsch Renown Maple or DDRUM Dominion limited edition maple

    I went to guitar center today for a new kit. I found two used ones i really like but i can't decide which i want. the ddrum comes with new heads and looks amazing. (I love ddrum and dw). The gretsch looks plain, but is a lot more expensive, which i'm guessing means it is a lot better. But...
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    Gretsch Catalina or Pearl Export ELX?

    I dont know much about different sets but i was wondering which is a better set. the catalina is maple so i thought it may be better. its also a 6 piece from where im getting it. the elx i have but i may sell for it. its a 5 piece poplar. i'm not a fan of the sound.
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    Hi hat stands less than $200

    I'm in a tossup between Tama HH905 Iron Cobra Lever-Glide Hi Hat Stand and the Pearl H2000 Eliminator Hi-Hat Stand. I like the cams on the pearl. but i noticed on the iron cobra you can slant both hi hat cymbals not just the bottom one. does anyone know if you can do that with the eliminator...
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    Evans EMAD or Aquarian Super Kick Bass Drum Heads

    Up until now I just played with the stock pearl bass drum head. it wasn't the best..but it fit my budget (Free). Unfortunately last night i smashed a huge hole in it with my pedal. So i've heard awesome review from both these heads. So i'd just like to hear what you people think. Just post...
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    new teenage band

    Hey i thought i'd show off a fairly new band me and my friends made. ive only been playing for a year and a half. tell me what you think.