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    right handed but my left feels weak

    rudaments are key i know but the left stilll feels like a limp noodle....what will help this problm cause i feel kinda stuck in a rutt???????
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    avanti cymbals?????

    when i got my first drumset it was used an the dude gave me a 18" heavy ride with it......i still use it from time to time but ive never seen another(avanti cymbol)...has anyone else??????
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    your drum tatt2's

    heres a couple of mine ...lets see some of yours
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    ahead drumsticks v.s. wood

    any thoughts on this??? i prefer wood,ahead sticks just dont seem to feel right to me an i have a problem with em warping......
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    ahead drumsicks v.s wood

    i picked up a pair ive had 4 a while and played with them yesterday and they just felt strange after playin with wood i seem to have a problem with em gettin warped........
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    paiste 2002 22" heavy ride

    i picked this cymbol up 4 like 50$ @ cascade music in everett wa. like 5 years not a fan of it,its real gongy and has a small bell for such a large ride...but what ive been seeing is that they are pretty expensive.question beein how much is it worth(little tarnish)
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    i got a (birtch) gretsch catalina fusion a bit ago

    i have a pearl export 7 piece(hmmm ok) a dw pacific(yea its ok 2) but ive fallin in love with this catalina..its punchy an warm and seem to be the easiest kit ever to tune.... anyone got love 4 gretsch drums cause i dont think they get enough credit............
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    welcome me

    just started a profile this whole thing has been catchin my eye from mysace an i have read so much useufll information, its been very benifitial....but im not sure bout how it all works????????????