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    Good playalongs

    When I practice I find myself playing along with a bunch of different bands like John Mayer Trio, Mars Volta, Red Hot Chili Peppers and such, but I just LOVE practicing with playalongs! I've been jamming with the 'turn it up and lay it down' cd (It's just a cd with a bunch of great bass lines)...
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    So I got new heads for my tempus snare (evans) and a new snare aswell, and I check out some tuning vids on youtube and do EXACTLY what the guy tells me to and the snare's sounding great w/o the snares on yet. so I put on the snares just like he said was the proper way and it sounds like...
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    Paiste Dark Energy

    So I just played a set of these yesterday (20" ride, 17 and 18 " crashes) and they sounded beautiful!! And being in the market for new cymbals I looked to see just how much a set of these would cost me and for the set up above and some hi hats it would be around $1,500! Are these cymbals...
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    Sabian B8 Pro 16" Thin crash

    I have a Sabian B8 Pro 16" thin crash. Brand new never hit. $60 or best offer. Let me know, thanks! Please email me at for quick response.
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    Tempus guys...

    I'm having troubles tuning my toms. I don't really know what to do with both heads. Any tips?
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    How much...

    should I sell my cymbals for? I'm selling the following to my buddy: 17" Zildjian A custom Crash (1/8" crack, sounds great) 8" Zildjain A custom Splash 18" Zildjian Scimitar China This isn't spam because I don't intend to sell them on these boards so don't bitch!
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    Zildjians for sale!

    17" A custom Crash (1/4" crack, sounds great) 18" A custom Crash (1/6" crack, sounds great) 8" A custom Splash 18" Scimitar China Let me know!
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    Good Technique...

    Ok, so in response to my cymbals cracking, I've heard alot of stuff about technique and how it relates to cymbals cracking. Let's face it, everyone's had a show where they get into it a ton and are hitting their cymbals harder than the usual. So my question is how can you play your cymbals...
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    Well I made a thread like this awhile ago because I had just cracked my 17" A custom crash and after discussion on playing technique and tilt on the cymbal, I thought I would be good. Oh nay nay... I just cracked my 18" crash which is also an A custom!! So now I'm to the point where I don't...
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    Poll: Bright or dark crashes? WHY??

    Do you prefer your crashes bright or dark? Tell us why :P
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    Zildjian Cymbals FS!

    I've got some Zildjians for sale, let me know if you're interested: 17"Zildjian A custom Crash (1/4 crack, sounds perfect) 8" Zildjian A custom Splash 18" Zildjian Scimitar China
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    I was at practice last night and my buddy pointed out that I had a small crack in my 17 inch Zildjian A Custom Crash. The crack itself is about 1/4 inch, but still. I'm pissed! This happened to my 16 inch crash about 6 months ago, and now this! Two questions: 1. Why does this happen? 2...
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    Steve Jordan!

    I've been listening to alot of the John Mayer Trio lately and he's just nuts man! Does anyone know what snare he uses to get that crack out of it?
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    My bass pedal is broken, need a new one. Any suggestions?

    I need a higher quality one for not that much money. I would prefer one that doesn't do this: <a href="" target="_blank"><img src="" border="0" alt="Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket"></a> <a...
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    TEMPUS DRUMS FOR SALE..... (Zildjian china also)

    I need to sell two of my new Tempus drums because I need the cash. I'm looking for about $700 for them. I bought a 13 piece set from the drummer of the Steve Miller Band and need to get rid of two of them. They have been all around the world and have some cool vibes to them! They are Tempus...
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    Drum mic Mounts...

    I'm choosing between these two. Which do you think are going to be more high quality? ... dZViewItem Or ... dZViewItem Let me know your thoughts. Thanks alot!
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    What kind of shoes do you wear when you play, and why? (if you play with shoes at all). I just use good ole chucks.
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    Selling Zildjian Scimitar Bronze 18 inch china

    I need to get rid of my china, so if you have an offer, let me know. Thanks alot! <a href="" target="_blank"><img src="" border="0" alt="Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket"></a> <a...
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    Drum Mic Clips and Bass Drum Mics

    I'm looking for 4-5 good drum mic clips and a good kick drum mic. Let me know what things you've had good experiences with. Thanks alot!
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    I just got my new Tempus set!!!!!

    Just last night I went to pick it up, it's the deepest/ most high quality set I've EVER heard! The set consists of 6 rack toms, 3 floor toms, and 3 kick drums and a snare! It's really cool, because it has been all over the world with the Steve Miller Band. I'm not going to keep the set up like...