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  1. dw_drums_4lyfe

    my Dw's

    my dw's got some new cymbals and drums. Specs: cymbals: zildjian Avedis New beat Hi-Hats Avedis 18" Medium Thin Crash Avedis 18" Medium Crash(not shown) Avedis 20" rock ride A custom 16" Crash A custom 17" crash A custom 18" crash A custom 10" splash A custom 8" splash (not shown) Spiral...
  2. dw_drums_4lyfe

    Modern Drummer

    if anyone has the march issue of modern drummer, hopefully you've seen the glow in the dark drum kit on page 192. i wish my kit was like that
  3. dw_drums_4lyfe

    8" Tom

    so a couple of months ago my dad ordered me a 7x8 vlt broken glass rack tom from john good for my birthday, and not that long ago i got an email saying its at IMD (they suplly australia with dw drums, hardware etc. and today my dad went to pick it up, not long after i got home from school...
  4. dw_drums_4lyfe

    DW 8000 Double pedal

    ive heard its betta than the 5000 and 9000 and its cheaper than the 9000 by about $150-200 so should be good if i can find a store that has it
  5. dw_drums_4lyfe

    Dw Snare

    new dw snare, less than 10 in the world! 12x5.5 i have no idea what the finish is but its a prototype snare, pretty sweet looking and it sounds pretty sweet also
  6. dw_drums_4lyfe

    Best drum solo drummer of all time?

    who do you guys rekon is the best solo drummer of all time?
  7. dw_drums_4lyfe

    DW's)) Updated Pics

    hi guys, well its been a while since ive posted pictures of my drums so i thought i would show u my new setup. ENJOY!! sorry for the poor quality pics, my room is kinda cramped at the moment. [b]Specs DW DRUMS in broken glass Maple 8x10 Rack tom 10x12 rack tom 13x15 floor tom 18x20 bass...
  8. dw_drums_4lyfe

    Signed Sabian AA By Bob Zildjian

    i have a custom splash signed by armand zildjian as well, ill post pics soon!!
  9. dw_drums_4lyfe

    18" China

    can anyone recomend me a good 14" to 18" china cymbal?? price is not an issue!! by any company
  10. dw_drums_4lyfe

    Best Hardware

    Who do you guys think makes the best harware???
  11. dw_drums_4lyfe

    zildjian a's

    umm could anyone tell what qualitiy these cymbals are?? sorry for the bad pics, i took em with my phone 18"medium crash 18"medium thin crash 20"rock ride...
  12. dw_drums_4lyfe

    craviotto lake superior snare

    just wondering what ur thoughts on this were
  13. dw_drums_4lyfe

    My dw Set