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    Drum throne

    I have had the my dream set for a couple years now, and absolutely everything piece on it is exactly they way I want it, except the throne. I am still sitting on a old CB throne from my first starter kit from 12 years ago, and its finally falling apart. I am in the market for a new one, and I...
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    Remember Paiste?

    How come everytime someone makes a post about cymbal companies its alwas "who is better sabian or zildjian". I am admit I am a Zildjian man, but I wouldnt complain if a paiste ride cymbal showed up on my kit one day. All in all all three of these companies make cymbals Does anyone else out...
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    Jazz Snare

    Currently I do alot of rock and funk drumming. So my main snare is a Yamaha copper shell, and it cracks like no other snare can and still has a warm full sound. It is the best snare for me in these styles. But, as of late I have reunited with a old jazz group I played with in highschool. We...
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    Complete Turnover

    I have played Zildjian my whole life. In the span of 12 years of playing the only two I have had that werent Zildjian where one Sabian and one Wuhan. But recently I bought the dvd Rush in Rio. Neil Pearts Paragon Series sounded amazing. I went down to Guitar Center and we set up a kit with the...
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    Direct Drive Bass drum pedal

    I was wonder what everyones thoughts where on direct drive. I have playing Axis for years, so all I have played for along time has been direct drive. For me it is just a smoother more reliable set up. But what really got me was I have some friends who drum will simply laugh at the idea. What do...