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    Big Dog E001 - single pedal

    Has anyone tried it before? I need an opinion.. Is it good? Solid? Quick?
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    What is a "packaging application"?

    Hey guys. Since it is an offtopic section.. and some of you are native English speakers... I think i can ask this question. I am now translating something for a local factory. I've been given a lot of documents concerning the procedure of sending spare parts to the retailers. I came across the...
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    Modern drummer article

    Hello, I am still writing my diploma paper about Buddy Rich. I've just found a quotation from the Modern Drummer magazine from 1977 ( Buddy Rich - "I consider every drummer that ever played before me an influence, in every way. There were...
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    BA thesis about Buddy Rich / help is needed

    Hello my fellow drummers, I'm writing BA in American Studies (I study English philology). The topic is: "Buddy Rich - the world's greatest jazz drummer". I have already started writing my first chapter which is entitled "Jazz'. It contains the following sections: 1.) Definition; 2.) History 3.)...