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    Nothing to see here, folks.
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    Stuff of sale. Tama, Ddrum

    hey all the funds are running low and i need to pay off some bills so im selling 1 of my pratice kits. i dont care witch one i just too sell one. im just selling the shell packs 1st is a 2001 Tama rockstar custom amber birch/basswood 5 piece 22 bass 14,12,10 toms(all mounteded with star-cast...
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    New Cymbals, New Set up

    Just picked up some new cymbals from the drum shop and they are just wounderfull to my ears. Im really falling in love with this new ride. Tightend up my set up a little and took new pics, my bacement is kinda dark but the pics came out ok. ill try to post some brighter pics in a few days. so...
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    My baby New pics on page 3!

    DW collector series 22kick, 16, 14, 12, 10 toms OCDP 14x6 snare. all Zildijan custom A and a Z's. this pics a bit old have new DW 9000 series tom holder now