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    anyone else seen Thomas Lang live?

    i just got back from a clinic he did and it was absolutley mind blowing. the things this man does makes me want to quit playing drums and take my own life. 40 minute drum solo! here are a few pics i snapped of his set. sorry for the quality as it was taken with my phone.
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    does anyone play...

    using traditional grip? i've seen a few pictures on here and not a whole lot of people use it if any. i personally prefer playing traditional over match-grip and i mostly play metal. anyone else? :P
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    drumming faces/habits

    first time posting. does anyone have a drumming face/habit? i tend to play with an underbite even though i dont normally have one. you think this is a bad habit? everytime i finish a session my jaw is sometimes sore. i try to not play like that but i find myself concentrating on keeping a normal...