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    Can't make a decision

    I have a Ddrum diablo 7 piece kit, 2-3 years old. I've seen some kits in the local shop near me and i was thinking of trading in my drums for their's. I know the ddrums arent the best quality at all, specially mine, got them in '05 i think and thats when the drums were at like they're lowest...
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    New set of Mist-x's

    Got my new cymbals today, they sound amazing Whole set 18" Crash 17" Crash 16" Crash 16" China 20" Ride 14" Hi-Hats Enjoy all!
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    Quick Question

    Does DHL need your signature to recieve the package? Mine was supposed to come tonite but was delayed till monday :( and i need to know cause i have school during the day and if it comes at night i'm probably at work and need someone to sign. Thanks
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    Pearl Rythm Traveler Snare

    My uncle just gave it to me for free (i love free shit), and it needs a good tuning. Anyone have any expierence with it, tuning wise, i wanna make it a nice tight snare with a good CRACK to use it for a second snare on my kit.
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    Best snare for 400 bucks

    I'm selling my old set pretty soon for about $400-450. What do you think is the best i can get for that? I wanna get the standard ludwig snare that comes with their sets, so says my band teacher, but im not positive. I'm looking for a snappy kind of sound, kind of like a ska snare. whats your...
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    Need some suggestions

    I have ISS (in school suspension) on valentines day and i need some suggestions on what to do to pass the time
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    Best snare for Drum and Bass/Jungle drumming

    What are you suggestions?
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    New here - heres my ddrums

    Ddrum Diablo Death Punx 2 - 20" X 22" Bass Drums 7" X 14" Snare 8" x 10" & 8" x 12" Rack Tomos 14" x 15" & 14" x 16" Floor Toms Cymbals: Zildjian ZXT 16" Crash 20" ride 14" Hi-Hats ZHT 16" China Wuhan 16" Crash Sabian B8 8" Splash Hardware: Mapex Boom arms 2 X Axis Longboards Evans Genara...
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    Best pedals to buy

    Right now for my kit i have two makeshift pedals that im using for my double bass until i get better, MATCHING pedals. One old tama pedal, that i actually really enjoy, its light and just flows great. The other pedal is the main part of a double pedal i have, which i used for my other set. Two...
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    Single pedal triplets

    I'm having alot of trouble with these, and for the songs i play its essential i can do it because i cant always rely on the double pedal for triplets, they dont always come out clean. What i do is I try to slide my foot up the pedal, like i hit once slide it up for the second hit and go down on...
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    Need to know bpm of two songs

    If anyone listens to As I Lay Dying, can someone tell me the bpm of two songs: Nothing Left Confined I would check myself but i let my friend use my metronome. Thanks alot